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Irrelevant Links

a miscellany of sites that I have visited and found to be interesting, intriguing, or just plain fun!

eighteen seconds to sunrise sigur rös fan site
tvgohome slightly sick, chris morris-esque british comedy website
save tibet make yourself useful and go here
sausagenet essential cult tv website, may only appeal to uk people
friends reunited find lost friends from school, college, workplaces, groups and societies
hitch-hikers guide to the galaxy the textbased adventure online
flying pig gallery paper automata, free models to make, novelty greeting cards - endless fun
do nothing machines and other wooden toys and games
jamie davies the 3jay art collective
yorkwriters involves writing, and this is writing of the creative ilk
golgonooza! unique review, award and agent introduction service
what is asperger syndrome? a little page so that other people might understand
national autistic society what is asperger syndrome?
helga kristin gunnarsdóttir personal site of an icelander and a web designer
css zen garden see how much you can do with pure css layouts
open your heart – birgitta haukdal iceland's 2003 eurovision entry
netverslun skífunnar the icelandic record company
írafár an icelandic pop group fronted by birgitta haukdal this is the web site of steve davis, writer, poet, artist and photographer
blackmore's night medieval moods and gypsy dances … a glass of meade a song or two… a well stoked fire and a hearty crew…
vanilla ninja estonian pop/rock in the twenty-first century
lasering online shopping fro music, dvds and videos direct from the streets of tallinn
shane's castle …a work in progress
vana tallinn is a dark brown strong liqueur with a mild rum taste
the internet is shit
dido the official website
finlandia-vodka ice bar
creature comforts from aardman animation
fluffy the english vampire slayer a low budget parody of buffy the vampire slayer, made by foiled productions in the uk the home of, internet anagram server, wordserver, listat, and more…
hm customs and excise rates of import duty on alcohol
you should make one, too if you can make a zine, you can make a book
jennifer j. kelley illustrator
of cholera and christ a story about attics and girl-ache; a story about absinthe and the way love feels his dark materials
franz ferdinand
preditors & editors literary agents
mad about books the hodder headline site for readers and book lovers
david almond website of an writer
efendi art studio professional photography :: fine Art and digital
something's begun pages of a writer, artist and publisher
mysterious cities of gold
huldufólk - the hidden folk, and trolls
folktales - the icelandic canadian homepage
álfur - elves in modern iceland
in iceland, spirits are in the material world
good evil and wholeness - enclosures and the world
krista kodu - diary of an estonian friend
okcupid! - smarter, better matching
silver squall - profile
helen kitson - poet and novelist
guardian soulmates
somethings begun – megan g's page
supernova – the liz phair experience – joe buchannan's photo site
a girl's guide to city life – sharing the best of city life
cloudless creative classes – kelly atkinson's amsterdam
the upraw – kirkley high rocks again...
mývatn nature baths – the blue lagoon's northern twin
two sides of nowhere – jane rawson on myth, fairytale and writing
phoenix woodcrafts – contemporary designs in reclaimed wood

feel free to persuade us of the merits of your own suggested sites



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